Is LASIK Better and Safer than Contact Lenses?

For most people, vision begins to deteriorate somewhere between the ages of 10 and 40. If you were on the younger end of that scale when you started wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses, then you may have already resigned yourself to the fact that you will pay for vision correction for the rest of […]

Paying for LASIK With Your Tax Refund

It’s that time of year again. The deadline for filing your tax return is here. Whether you filed early this year, or are one of those that waits until the absolute last minute, deciding how to best utilize your tax refund is a fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful decision. At Woolfson Eye Institute, Dr. Woolfson […]

The Most Common Eye Problems Solved by LASIK Surgery

Just like there isn’t a miracle cure drug for every ailment, there is not a specific eye surgery or procedure that has the ability to correct every vision problem. At Woolfson Eye Institute we have put together this article in order to educate our patients, or anyone else considering LASIK surgery in order to give […]

A Note from Tom & Jonathan

Every few years, something shows up in the lay press that takes the exact opposite position on LASIK that research and clinical experience would lead us to expect. Recently, there have been some “talking heads” on TV that attempt to dissuade people from electing to have LASIK. These “experts” rely on data that has been […]