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The Stulting Research Center at Woolfson Eye Institute

Jonathan Woolfson, MD and R. Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD recently co-founded the Stulting Research Center at Woolfson Eye Institute.

As experts with extensive experience in diverse areas of eye health, including Cornea, Retina, Refractive and Glaucoma they share a common passion for researching and developing leading treatment modalities and advanced technologies in the treatment and prevention of eye disease.

The Stulting Research Center is Now Offering LASIK Surgery

Woolfson LASIK doesn’t just mean Woolfson anymore. Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD was one of the first providers of LASIK in the Atlanta area. He was one of the founders of Emory Vision Correction Center, and later was the Chief of Cornea and the Director of LASIK at Emory Vision. In addition, here are many other factors that make Dr. Stulting and Woolfson Eye Institute different from many other LASIK providers in the Atlanta area:

  • World-reknowned corneal expert
  • Past president of American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Past editor of the medical journal, Cornea
  • Past Head of the Cornea Section at the Emory University School of Medicine
  • International lecturer and “thought leader” in ophthalmology
  • Medical monitor for multiple FDA and other clinical trials
  • Dr. Stulting has been offering LASIK at Woolfson Eye Institute since he joined the practice as a surgeon and as the Director of the Research Center in 2010

A Leader in the Field of LASIK Surgery

For many years, LASIK practices all over the world have used Dr. Stulting’s research on LASIK patient selection, surgical technique, and other cornea research in Clomid reviews. Dr. Woolfson and his team of LASIK clinicians frequently request his opinion. To schedule your free LASIK evaluation at the Stulting Research Center, please contact us at 404-236-6747.

The Stulting Research Center is an independent research organization currently conducting several FDA clinical trials and independent studies.

Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and other vision care providers interested in finding out more about these clinical trials and studies should contact our research coordinator at