For my LASIK, I only trusted the best. So should you!

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Kroy Biermann #71
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Woolfson did an amazing job and I can see even better than when I had contacts as I now have 20/15 vision!!! I dealt with really bad dry eyes for years when I wore contacts so I was very hesitant to have Lasik surgery. Even my optometrist told me that my eyes might even be drier after surgery, however they are no longer dry at all!!! I love that I do not have to buy expensive contacts and solution anymore. I should have done the surgery a long time ago. I will say that I have had to wait for 30 min to an hour for my follow up appointments which is an inconvenience sometimes. But the office staff is very nice and helpful if you have to reschedule a visit. They also called to remind me of my appointment.

Mel Johns

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced MD, amazing, caring, and skillful. I could not have chosen better specialist for upper lid blepharoplasty in the whole world (traveled from Canada to Atlanta). I am extremely pleased with the results, easy recovery and the followup. Thank you! – A.O.

Recent review from a cosmetic patient

In 2005 I had a very large brain tumor removed which left the right side of my face and eye paralyzed. Over the years I have undergone several reconstruction surgeries on my face and eye. Trying to take care of my eye was almost a full time job, everything from drying out so bad that the cornea would crack to having to put tape on it when I would go outside in cold weather. Then I was referred to Dr Walrath for a consultation, we talked about the surgery he could do on my eye and decided it was for me. After the surgery I would have to say it was more than a success, it was life changing. I no longer live with a bottle of eye drops in my hand and putting tape on my eye is a thing of the past. I would highly recommend Dr Walrath he is a remarkable man. I would like to publicly thank Dr Walrath for all he has done to give me my life back. – J.S.

Feedback from a recent patient after eyelid reconstruction

I have been so pleased with my eyes after surgery… no pain medication was needed after surgery…and friends that did not know about the surgery have noticed the difference….. I am a walking advertisement for you….You are doing surgery on my hair dresser Friday… She looked my eyes over Saturday.. was pleased at what she saw…. Several at the church are sure they need the same surgery…Thank you so much… – K.S.

Postoperative praise from a recent cosmetic surgery patient

Dear Dr. Brody and Dr. Woolfson,

Yesterday was my final exam, and according to Dr. Brody, I passed with colors flying. Now I can see all kinds and hues of color on objects far away that I can even identify instead of merely guessing what they are.

So I must write to you to acknowledge my enormous indebtedness to you for so expertly and painlessly giving me better sight than I ever had before in my long life.

A few days ago, I was eating breakfast out on the patio in the quiet of the early morning, absolutely enjoying looking around and seeing things clearly and crisply. All of a sudden I saw a tiny goldfinch alight on the spread-out petals of a lavender flower. It was glorious! I nearly sang aloud, thinking immediately of you and the seemingly magical transformation of my eyesight which you achieved.

Then, this evening, I watched a honeybee land on a stem of parsley which already had gone to seed. I laughed aloud as I watched the bee try to balance itself on the slim stem, which bent with its weight and began to wave. I probably would not have it at all pre-surgery.

The sights are precious treasures. On a more practical note, I can now read street signs without squinting and before I am on top of them. It’s lovely, reassuring, and I am far less of a menace on the roads of Atlanta.

On top of it all, my eyes are not scratchy and my slight blurry in the late evenings any longer, as the tired contact lenses fail. They simply are not there. That’s a luxury!

From the moment Dr. Woolfson told me over the fence that I had cataracts (I must admit I didn’t like the reason he gave for his diagnosis), and his convincing testing on the machine downstairs, to the careful arrangements that were made for the problem to be solved, and the exquisite skill and reassuring manner of Dr. Brody, and including the thorough follow-up visits and friendly, efficient staff, I must that I had a very fine experience and a perfectly successful adventure.

Plus, as we went along with the whole multi-week process, everything was explained carefully and fully in advance, even anticipating questions I might have.

Keep up the good work. There are not many specialties in the practice of medicine, and maybe none other than yours, where the patient is made even better than she was before then need arose. Your practice does not return the patient to health but rather improves on the health that existed from the patient’s first sight.


Dorothy Beasley

Better sight than I’ve ever had!

I haven’t been 24hrs yet and have 20/25!!! I was a -9 & -10 to begin with. I was told I’d need PRK afterwards…but I don’t!!! Dr. Woolfson and his staff have been incredible!

Jenny Bryant

I am thankful each day for Dr. Woolfson and his Team! It has been over 2 years that I had LASIK surgery. I was very nervous but would do it in a heart beat!! Well worth the investment.

Leigh Ann Knopsnyder Pritz

I had LASIK Tuesday and I am already 20/20 in both eyes! Can’t wait to take off the protective shades and shields but already amazed with my sight!! Thanks so much to the entire staff!

Caroline Growney Murrell

It has now been 24 hours since my surgery. My follow up visit with Dr. Carr could not have been more reassuring of the results yet to come. Dr. Woolfson and his staff have done a remarkable job with my eyes. I am so thankful I
choose your institution to open my eyes and give me the gift of being contact free. So nice to wake up after 39 yrs. and be able to see the clock!

Patrick David Crumbley

I had PRK done on Tuesday. I woke up today, Friday, feeling great and can see very clearly. Everyone was so caring and wonderful. I very much recommend Woolfson Eye. Never have I had a doctor be so caring and go the extra step to make sure I was doing well the very next day. Thank you to Dr. Woolfson and his staff! You all are awesome!

Holly Shank

A week in and LASIK has far surpassed my expectations. If
anyone is considering it I highly recommend Woolfson Eye Institute, Dr Woolfson, and Dr David Smith. They are the best in the biz.

Tim Blakely

Extremely happy with the results of my LASIK surgery so far! I had surgery 6 days ago in Atlanta. Dr. Woolfson and his staff make you feel like you’re their only patient. I’d recommend them to anyone considering LASIK.

Brandi Fain Davis

If you are suffering from RK surgery from the 90’s (which was great in it’s day) like I was, please, please, please do yourself a favor and get a consult from Dr. Woolfson. I had my left eye corrected in November and my right eye yesterday! 100% satisfied!!! They have great financing options. I paid for the second surgery through my health savings account at work.

Kimberly Handley

Best staff! Dr. Woolfson is just wonderful! I am so thankful for my new eyesight :) I strongly recommend him for anyone that is thinking about LASIK

Jessica Boone

Dr. Woolfson is seriously the best! I recommend him to anyone who wants or needs LASIK. Thank you, Dr. Woolfson!

Stephanie Pendleton

Words can not describe how glad I am that I chose Woolfson for my LASIK procedure. Absolutely worth the investment- great results!

Stephanie Johnson Way

Wonderful experience. My procedure went well, and everyone was very friendly and professional. Highly recommended!

Devon Green Zukusky

I am incredibly grateful to the Woolfson & Shaeffer staffs for a job well done for my LASIK procedure today,

Phillip Plotka

Just had mono vision with Dr Woolfson. Did a fantastic job! Made me feel very confident.

Sabrina Crawford

I had LASIK done yesterday at their Cumming office. The staff and doctors were great and I can see today!!

Mary Hunter Wylie Gibbs

I had LASIK done yesterday at the Knoxville location. Outstanding staff family and Dr. Woolfson is awesome…done an oustanding job.

Tess Laxton Smith

Dr. James C. Hayes is an amazing doctor. He and his team have done so much for my husband.

Whitney Banta Simone

The only place I’d trust my eyes to. Best doctors and best overall office for LASIK and general ophthalmology.

Kelly Lewis Browning

Dr. Woolfson and his staff are phenomenal. Thank You all. This is life changing!

Charlene Chin Vance

Love, love love! It’s been 5 years post PRK and I couldn’t be happier.

Nicole Diaz

I had LASIK 6 years ago with another provider and I never healed quite right. I’ve been having to deal with so many issues and finally I decided to call woolfson to see if there was anything they could do. During my eval, Dr. Woolfson gave me a thorough exam and went over my options. He was very positive but he wanted to make sure I understood all of the risks (something my previous doctor NEVER DID!). I felt very comfortable in having Doctor Woolfson re-treat my eyes and I’m so glad I did. While it took an extra couple of days for my eyes to heal, my vision is incredible.

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AndreFowler38 (via Kudzu)

I tell my patients to go to Woolfson Eye Institute. Not only are they the best, but as an eye doctor, they were the only ones I trusted when it came time for my LASIK procedure.

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Dr. Kerry S.
Greer, SC

Woolfson Eye Institute has completely changed my life! With Dr.Woolfson’s vast knowledge of Lasik procedure(s) and the staff’s sincere concern for my comfort and awareness, I had an exceptional experience from beginning to end. If you are considering having Lasik, this is the one and only place to do so.

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Ivy M.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Woolfson and his team! They are an awesome group of professionals. They checked, checked, double checked…then checked again.

On the morning of my surgery, Dr. Woolfson sat down with the group of us scheduled for surgery that morning. He did not sugar-coat the seriousness of the surgery, but did reassure us of his experience. He patiently answered all of our questions and concerns, allowing us to take as much time as needed.

I was confident prior to surgery, and definitely not disappointed after. My surgery was a huge success!

Needless to say, I highly speak praises of Dr. Woolfson and his team at the Woolfson Eye Institute every chance I get.

Phyllis G.
Phyllis G.

Dr. Jonathan Woolfson did my LASIK surgery in 2002, and I have been very pleased with the results. He was highly recommended by my regular eye doctor and by a colleague at work, both of whom warned me that he was not the least expensive option out there, but was the best. I freaked out at the last minute and asked to hold the surgical assistant’s hand while the procedure was going on; she tried to get me to squeeze a tennis ball instead, but when I insisted on holding her hand, she went along with it.

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Lisa M.
Arlington, VA

I must say my biggest regret is that I didn’t get it done any sooner.

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Madoka A.
Atlanta, GA

Thank you Dr Woolfson for giving me my normal life back. So long dorky clip-ons!

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Tanya W.
Atlanta, GA