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Joseph D. Walrath, MD

Joseph D. Walrath, MD

Oculoplastics Specialist
   Services Oculoplastics

Dr. Walrath is a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon.  Before joining Woolfson Eye Institute in 2012, Dr. Walrath was an assistant professor at Emory University and a staff surgeon at Paces Plastic Surgery.  He has been in private practice since 2011, focusing exclusively on disorders of the eyelids. He performs 800-900 major surgical procedures and thousands of minor procedures per year.

Dr. Walrath is known for treating complex patients, cosmetic or otherwise, with an individualized and thoughtful plan.  The bulk of his cosmetic patients desire upper and lower blepharoplasty, utilizing a range of techniques that is best described by his published videos.  He also treats patients with hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox, CO2 laser resurfacing, and direct brow lifting.  Due to his reputation for managing difficult cosmetic reconstructive problems, he cares for a population of multi-operated cosmetic patients from across the country and internationally.

In addition to cosmetic procedures, Dr. Walrath manages tearing due to lacrimal drainage problems; eye socket trauma, tumors, and inflammation; eyelid malposition; and pediatric eyelid disorders.  Dr. Walrath treats a large population of clients and patients with regular Botox injections.  Many of these patients require careful treatment to selectively manage spasms around the eyelid and in the face and neck to improve quality of life.

During his spare time, Dr. Walrath enjoys spending time with his children, cooking, and exercising.



Dr. Walrath is regarded as the specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery at Woolfson Eye Institute. Dr. Walrath also practices in affiliate locations in Northeast Georgia and east of Atlanta. His full list of locations, as well as a great deal of information about the services he provides, can be found at his own professional website:

What Patients are Saying about Dr. Walrath

Sonya Z
I was scheduled for my blepharoplasty procedure with doctor Walrath when the power went out. Well they say you can't control when Mother Nature has a plan of her own. Dr. Walrath definitely had a plan "B"! I was truly worried that my procedure would not happen. Dr. Walrath contacted me via text every fifteen minutes with an update. He reassured me that my procedure would happen TODAY! Finally! Arrangements were made for me to have my procedure at the hospital one block away. I was introduced to my entire medical team once I arrived at the hospital. I felt like a "queen" getting that special treatment! My procedure was a success! It's been one week after my procedure and the results are amazing... ALREADY!!! Thank you Dr. Walrath! I'd do it again if I had two more eyes.

Pam Steele
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Walrath and The Woolfson Eye Institute. His expertise and professionalism are top notch and the procedure they did for me has changed my life fit the better. Thank You!!!

Dr. Walrath was professional, efficient, and very positive during my lid lift. He was successful with improving my vision with a small amount of discomfort. I would highly recommend him!

Sweety K
This place is awesome!!! My appointment was at 9:30am, I was called in at exactly 9:30am. Dr. Walrath examined my eye and offered to remove my chalazion right then and there. 10 mins later the procedure was done and I was out the door by 10:00am! That's what I call excellent service!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

Cynthia Park
Dr. Walrath is amazing! He repaired my damaged right eye after decades of me believing nothing could be done to restore it to its original condition. He has an encouraging attitude, and a professional confidence that put me completely at ease. Anyone considering corrective surgery to their eyes should absolutely make an appointment to see him!

Michelle Brown
Dr. Walrath's office staff amazing, efficient and professional. Dr. Walrath is technically amazing, uses the latest technology. He has a wonderful bedside manner. I can't speak highly enough about him and the Woolfson Eye Institute.

Chase Anderson
I cannot recommend Dr. Walrath enough. I had a very intense issue with my eye that required a nuanced, complicated surgery, and Dr. Walrath really came through for me. He has a positive, straight-forward & friendly demeanor that put me at ease every step of the way. His staff at Woolfson Eye Center are always personable and friendly as well. He clearly knows his stuff, and it's no wonder he's an expert in his field.

Deborah Turner
Dr. Walrath performed eye lid surgery on my Mom and made her very comfortable before surgery and during surgery and performed excellent after care by calling her the day after surgery and his office called the third day after surgery and then he called again a week later and she is very pleased.

Yvonne Pysh
Dr. Walrath is an amazing doctor. Not only is he friendly and courteous, he also informs you every step of the way. He and his staff are very patient. They understand the anxiety that comes with surgery, and they accommodate you. I went to Dr. Walrath for eye surgery needed due to a rare genetic disease, and he was knowledgeable about it, although I had met with several other doctors who were unaware of the disease. Several of my relatives and family have had similar eye surgery, and I can say with 100% accuracy that they did not have similar results. They did not have the outcome that comes only with a very skilled surgeon that Dr. Walrath can achieve, and in some of their cases, there was almost no change at all in their eyesight or appearance. In my case, the results have been amazing. If you are looking for the best, you have found him. He is Dr Walrath.

Brenda Paladino
Dr. Walrath is an excellent doctor; very professional and very skilled, as well as friendly and communicative. My surgery went extremely well and I am very pleased with the results! I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family! I will also not hesitate to return should I need any further surgery.

Nancy Folds
Excellent surgeon and great staff. I could not believe the difference in my before picture and looking in the mirror now! My vision was so compromised that I had difficulty seeing. Dr. Wolrath did a great job. Thanks so much.

Bryan Rex
Dr. Walrath did an amazing job on my eyelids! I am ready now for the brow lift. 🙂

Chasen Hawkins
I am so greatful for Dr Walrath. I had been through multiple eye surgeries that continued to leave me with a lazy eye. I would have it fixed again and again (so expensive) but within a few months I was back where I started and so disappointed. Dr Walrath took a completely different approach...He listened to and addresses all of my concerns and I could not be more pleased with the my results. Though I think the other surgeons I had visited were very competant, their specialties were broad and not focused completely on the eyes. Thank you Dr. Walrath for giving me the confidence to pose for picruess again with my family and friends. I had been avoiding cameras for almost 3 years. I now jump at the chance to join in a group photo. Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back!

Shabnam Marzban
He's awesome, he is very caring about his patients

Krista G
Dr. Walrath really cares about his patients and listens to their concerns. He was the only surgeon that was able fix my retracted eyelid after multiple surgeries. I really appreciate his frank approach when discussing the surgery procedures. He goes above and beyond to answer his patient's questions.

Jesse W
We are so pleased with Dr. Walrath he is very experienced n professional with his work. He is personal n thoughtful he has an A personality. Thank you so much for the experience.

Bob W
Dr. Walrath is personable, efficient, and always willing to answer questions and explain a procedure. I always feel comfortable with the treatments.

Ferrell S
My experience could not be more positive. I have had excellent outcome from my surgery and I have found Dr. Walrath to be very warm, respectful and responsive..

Schuyler Y
Dr Walrath is phenomenal. He took care of my condition immediately when other doctors told me there was nothing they could do.

Jaylin H
Dr. Walrath fixed my eyelids and helped me to see again. He has done surgery on me and my wife and we would recommend him to our friends and family.

Bill O
From the first visit every one of the staff members exhibited a confidence that fed into me that I was in the right hands,.
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