A pinguecula is a common type of lesion that occurs from damage to the conjunctiva and is often referred to as a “fatty degeneration” of the tissue. It is seen as a yellowish to white deposit on the conjunctiva that is seen when collagen fibers degenerate and are replaced by thicker more durable fibers. In layman’s terms, a pinguecula is a “callous” on the eye.

The primary causes of pinguecula are exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and insufficient moisture or dry eyes. Often, it may appear after only a brief exposure, and it can take several weeks to heal even with proper treatment.

During your comprehensive consultation at Woolfson Eye Institute, your treatment options will be reviewed. Typically, the first course of treatment is to provide moisture with artificial tears that are preservative-free along with nutritional support. In many cases, the condition can be reversed if diagnosed early – before it is too advanced.

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