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R. Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD

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Dr. Stulting is the co-founder of the Stulting Research Center, a pioneer in corneal disease research and LASIK, and serves as the Director of Corneal Disease & Research at Woolfson Eye Institute. With an illustrious career spanning more than 30 years, his basic research efforts have opened the doors to a deeper

understanding of the mechanisms of corneal transplant rejection and herpetic ocular disease and new treatment paradigms. He chaired the Ophthalmic Devices Panel, an advisory group to the FDA, for three years and served as a member for 10 years. Recently, Dr. Stulting was also selected to present the prestigious Binkhorst Lecture, which you can read more about here.

As an experienced surgeon and medical monitor, Dr. Stulting is overseeing a clinical trial using a new intraocular telescope for patients with cataract and severe central vision loss from macular degeneration. He is one of the most frequently cited investigators in the field, authoring more than 200 publications and countless other articles based on his extensive clinical research in corneal transplantation, laser treatment of refractive errors, LASIK, the management of dry eye, and cataract surgery.

He is a revered authority for patients with complex issues that generate difficult questions about refractive surgery outcomes, and is a sought-after speaker on both refractive surgery and cornea topics.

What Patients are Saying about Dr. Stulting

  Lisa Holland
The best experience I've ever had!! Dr Stulting is the Best!! Can't wait to get rid of these glasses!!!!

  Bernie Blount Goddard
Dr. Stulting and his staff are wonderful and they do amazing things at The Wolfson Eye Institute!!!

  Ilene F.
I highly recommend Dr. Stulting. My cataract surgery on both eyes went great and my vision is now excellent. I was very apprehensive about the surgery because I had had a retina tear in each eye in my past. I was referred to this doctor because I feared complications and my optician said Dr. Stulting is the doctor to go to for high risk cases. Under his care I had a very positive outcome. I want to thank Dr. Stulting for being such a skilled physician.

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