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Dr. Spetalnick
Monday – Friday 9AM – 12PM EST

15 Min LASIK Consultation
Tom Spetalnick, OD, co-founder of Woolfson Eye Institute, has worked with Dr. Woolfson as his Clinical Director for over 20 years. Sign up for a 15 minute discussion with him about how best to plan your case for your lifestyle, expected results and potential side-effects, as well as LASIK alternatives in case you’re not a candidate.

Dr. Dyak
Monday – Friday 9AM – 12PM EST, 1PM – 4PM EST

Lauren Dyak of Woolfson Eye Institute

15 Min LASIK Consultation
Lauren Dyak, ODis the Director of the Woolfson Eye Institute Dry Eye Clinic. She completed an externship as well as a residency at Woolfson Eye Institute and has been doing refractive surgery consultations for over 7 years. Sign up for a 15-minute discussion with her to discuss what makes a great candidate for surgery and ask any questions you have regarding LASIK surgery!

Dr. Woolfson
Monday – Friday 1PM – 3PM EST

15 Min LASIK Consultation
Jonathan Woolfson, MD, founder of Woolfson Eye Institute, is available for Virtual LASIK Consults! Dr. Woolfson has trained many surgeons in LASIK and has performed over 100,000 LASIK procedures himself. Sign up for a 15 minute discussion—he’ll provide some insight into what the procedure and recovery will be like, including the kind of cooperation he’ll need from you before, during and after LASIK.

What Patients are Saying about Dr. Woolfson

  Ela Capdevila
They were absolutely great! I have thought about getting lasik for years and just never had the guts to make an appt for the consultation. I finally got fed up with dealing with contacts and glasses and went to a facebook group with thousands of members. I asked for recommendations and EVERY single person recommended Dr. Woolfson. I looked them up and was very impressed by his history, so I called and immediately got a hold of a wonderful lady who booked my appt. I was so amazed by how soon I was able to book it for and how easy and fast it was. From the initial call to the day of the surgery everyone on their team was absolutely AMAZING. They made my experience wonderful. I 100% recommend them and have told everyone about them. Just like his website states, do not go looking for the cheapest price look for experience. These are your eyes and you should be looking for a professional!! Dr. Woolfson is exactly that and his staff is AMAZING!! His staff made me feel at home and care d for. Everyone is so sweet. He even sent out a thank you letter which I recieved today. Best decision I ever made. Thank you so much Dr. Woolfson and team I am soooo happy with the result.

  Virginia W.
I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Dr. Woolfson for my LASIK. From the very first phone call I made, all the way through my follow up visits the entire staff has been extremely helpful and accommodating. My surgery went well and I am seeing very clearly. I would recommend this team and Dr. Woolfson 100%!

Dr. Jonathan Woolfson did my LASIK surgery in 2002, and I have been very pleased with the results. He was highly recommended by my regular eye doctor and by a colleague at work, both of whom warned me that he was not the least expensive option out there, but was the best. I freaked out at the last minute and asked to hold the surgical assistant's hand while the procedure was going on; she tried to get me to squeeze a tennis ball instead, but when I insisted on holding her hand, she went along with it.

  Patricia Gilmore
I will highly recommend WOOLFSON EYE Institute. This practice is will organize from the first visit until the day of surgery. The Protocols with the patients Identifiers, sites to Perform surgery and the review of surgery with Dr. WOOLFSON WAS VERY IMPRESSIVE. I can continue to give much more positive comments but Only given a limited characters. Thank you again for a great experience job well done.

  Lisa Pellom
Dr Woolfson and his wolf pack are amazing. I had Lasik yesterday. I was a little nervous but his team was very caring and made me feel relaxed. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have worn contacts and glasses for 26 years. So waking up this morning and being able to see without glasses was amazing. I cant thank Dr Woolfson enough for giving me my eyesight back. Went for my follow up visit this morning and my vision is 20/20. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  Yelena Brusilovsky
The team at Woolfson Eye Institute is amazing! Dr. Woolfson, David, and Anne were so kind and helpful. On the day of the procedure they spend so much time making sure you are comfortable and even allow loved ones to join you in the surgery room. Plus, they give you an adorable stuffed animal/wolf! It's so refreshing to visit a doctor's office where the entire staff is genuinely passionate about their jobs.

  Don Abramo
Dr. Woolfson operated on me when he was part of TLC eye center in Greenville, SC. It was December 18th of 2001. My vision was worse than 20/400 and I was the last patient of the day. It wasn't until 8:30 pm at night when Dr. Woolfson operated on me. I'll never forget as I was a little nervous and Dr. Woolfson put me at ease, reminding me this was his life's work and that he would take care of me. Here it is, 17 years later, and I still have fantastic vision. The surgery resulted in my vision being corrected to 20/13 in both eyes. My vision is still laser sharp to this day. Thank you, Dr. Woolfson, for taking care of me and changing my life for the better, forever!

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Woolfson Eye Institute, headquartered in Atlanta, GA is proud to be the southeast’s leader in laser vision correction (including LASIK eye surgery), referral ophthalmology, cataract surgery, and cosmetic eye procedures.

Led by LASIK industry pioneer, Dr. Jonathan Woolfson – founder and medical director, our team of world-renowned eye surgeons, physicians, optometrists, and medical staff take great pride in the unparalleled patient care we deliver to our patients.

Whether you are coming to us for a laser vision correction procedure such as LASIK, for cataract surgery, or because you want a naturally rejuvenated appearance, our approach to patient care is unmatched in the Atlanta area and the southeast. At Woolfson, we believe in utilizing the most advanced and proven technology in the eye surgery industry. We make patient education a priority, perform the most advanced diagnostic tests, and take enormous pride in matching our patients to the most appropriate surgical treatment.

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