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Monovision may be a good option for people over 40 considering laser vision correction to treat presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age-related vision problem that typically begins after age 40 and worsens with increasing age. As you age, your eye’s lens loses the elasticity it needs to focus on close-up objects and often reading glasses are needed.

Presbyopia eventually affects everyone and can be treated with Monovision, a LASIK procedure where a combination of both near and distance correction is achieved by correcting one eye to see better up close and the other to see better at distance. This still allows the patient the benefits of good vision through a range of distance without the need to wear corrective lenses, but it does require the patient to adjust to their newly enhanced way of seeing the world. As with all procedures at Woolfson Eye Institute, we consult carefully with the patient, perform the necessary tests, and consider the relevant patient lifestyle and history information to recommend when Monovision – among other options – will be the right choice to provide your best vision at any age.

Who is the most likely candidate for Monovision?

Monovision is best considered by patients in their 40’s and early 50’s, especially if you’ve had monovision prior in contact lenses. If you’re interested in this option, but have never tried monovision before, then we encourage a contact lens trial. The doctors at Woolfson Eye will help you make this decision.

Do I have other options besides Monovision?

If you do not wish to have Monovision or your consultation uncovers reasons why this is not a recommended option, you still have choices at Woolfson Eye Institute. During your comprehensive evaluation, your doctor will review with you other options including the possibility of a refractive IOL, an intraocular lens.

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